Mercedeh has been a licensed aesthetician and certified permanent makeup artist since 2005. Growing up as a daughter of a cosmetologist and spa owner, it only felt natural that at 21 years old she own and was operating her own skin care and beauty business. She is always 

continuing education in the evolving beauty industry and expanding

her craft with extensive training all over the USA and in Canada with

world renowned artists and beauty educators.


Mercedeh has honed her artist skills and perfected the latest, highly sought after award winning microblading and the state of the art feathering techniques to deliver beautiful, natural looking results her discerning clients prefer. "Mercedeh's keen eye for detail, beauty 

expertise, and passion for perfection truly set her work apart."


Introducing; MICROBLADING... the hottest eyebrow procedure in beauty and the ultimate game changer of the permanent makeup industry. The gentle award-winning technique has replaced clunky mechanical equipment with a delicate, disposable hand-held pencil like tool giving the artist back the ability to do what they do best- Draw. The fine individually created tattooed hair strokes look so real they are virtually undetectable for a naturally beautiful enhancement.

Artist. Aesthetician. Beauty Educator

EYEBROWS: Flawless

Flattering. Fixating.

The award-winning Microblading & gentle Feathering Technique is considered the gold standard in permanent eyebrows. Unlike other techniques that create flat, dense designs, My artistic techniques create individual, angled hairstrokes that mimic your natural hair-growth pattern. The result? Flawless yet natural-looking eyebrows. Fully reconstruct, define, fill in over tweezed brows or, add a slight arch - results-a natural, undetectable fringe.


Smudge-Proof. Melt-Proof. Celebrity Worthy.


While microblading undoubtedly delivers the most natural looking brows ever, the use of a similar delicate manual-hand-held tool is used for gently "tapping" pigment into the skin and creating alluring cat eyes or a simple eyelash enhancement to make your eyes "pop"! 


Restore Volume. Shape. Color. Definition.


As we age our lips lose color, definition and volume.  Permanent Makeup for the lips adds a natural wash of color that restores the beautiful, pinky hue you were born with.  Due to the moist, soft nature of lip skin, lip pigments heal more translucent and natural looking, allowing you to change your colors on the fly simply by applying and overlay of gloss or your favorite lip color! Is a-symmetry an issue for you? NO PROB! A permanent lip enhancement can enhance a sexier pout! 

The Art of Permanent Makeup 


I am in my 60's and it was getting harder and harder to put a straight line for make up. I got permanent eyebrows and it was the best thing I have ever done..I always look like I have my face on. I would highly recommend this. Wish I had done it years before. Mercedeh is a very experienced artist. You won't regret it.

Mercedeh has done my eyebrow care for years. No one else could ever get them right but she always did.  She became more than just my aesthetician but we also became friends. She is a beauty expert in more ways than one. She knows that beauty is related to your mind, heart and spirit too. 

Lisa Sefton,

Client for 10 years

Loni Brandt,

Client for 6 years

Mercedeh has done such a wonderful job for so many people including myself. She did my upper and lower eyelash line enhancements a few years ago and I still love it!!! She is the only person I trust to do anything like this. She is a very talented artist and a perfectionist! She has studied this art extensively under very profound teachers. I would recommend her  to everyone!

I don't even know where to begin. Plain and simple Mercedeh is the best there is. I like to say she has "magic hands!"She makes my brows so perfect every time! 
Mercedeh is such a perfectionist about them being perfect, I love it! I can guarantee you will never leave with her dissatisfied. She is the absolute only person I will ever recommend. Definitely a must if you are looking for the perfect look at all times!

Cassie Duffin,

Client for 12 years

Amber Jones,

Client / Stylist for 10 years