BROWS: Desire perfectly defined, expertly arched brows that look natural - not "tattooed" and won't wear off after sleeping or melt off throughout the day?The latest eyebrow technique, MICROBLADING is for you!                                                                             

EYELINER: Whether you prefer a barely-there lash enhancing look or a bold, thick cat eye, the gentle softap technique delivers results that match your personal style.

LIPS: Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for restoring lost color and accentuating a sexy, fuller pout. 

 ~A collection of some of my recent permanent makeup artistry work of the Eyebrows, Eyeliner,Eyelash, & lips.

Photos Are: Directly after procedure, Healed, Correction of color, shape, & asymmetry (Brows: Microblade, Shade, Powder, Corrections) 

Mercedeh Reynolds

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