CONSULT :  A complimentary consultation is offered to determine your preferred look, if you would like ahead of time. All clients will have a brief consult the day of the procedure, a photo of the procedure area will be taken for record keeping, answer any further questions you may have, and go over your after care instructions.

DESIGN :  Based on your input, and your facial features, I will design the most flattering look for you, complete with color matching and any prepping or shaping that might be necessary. 

NUMBING :  Topical anesthetics are applied prior to and during the procedure to keep you comfortable. I have a very gentle touch to cause minimal trauma to the skin, especially with the more delicate micro-blading technique. "Clients even fall asleep during some procedures!"

PROCEDURE :  Once the area is almost numb and your design and color(s) have been agreed upon, I will begin gently implanting the specialized pigments one delicate stroke at a time. (For your safety, all tools are a one-time use, 100% disposable.) Your brows, liner or lips will be selfie-ready upon leaving, unlike traditional tattooing.

TIME: It takes approximately two hours total per appointment. If needed, one free follow-up appointment is included, after a minimum of 6 weeks and no later than 3 months, to perfect any inconsistencies that could result during the healing process. After 3 months there will be a follow-up fee.

AFTER CARE: Aftercare instructions, healing expectations, and a home care bag will be discussed and provided. You will apply the topical ointment that will be provided and as directed to the treated area(s) to ensure safe, optimal healing. As your skin heals, you will keep the treated area clean, undisturbed, and moisturized with your provided ointment for a minimum of 10 days and onward, depending on procedure. It's imperative to go over and follow all aftercare immediately after procedures. 

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. The makeup is applied by implanting colored pigment into the dermis of the skin.  It is permanent, but will fade over time with UV exposure and just natural skin exfoliation.  There are many factors as to how long your color will stay vibrant, such as your body's chemistry may hold the color in longer than another. It is very common to want to refresh your color every couple years as it lightens. The beauty of permanent makeup is that it allows you to have the freedom look your best, 24/7!

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
As long as you meet the minimum age requirements, not pregnant or breastfeeding, nor undergoing certain health treatments, and are relatively healthy, almost anyone can!  Over the years I have worked with clients young and old, cancer survivors, and many that have suffered from alopecia, and other skin disorders helping them achieve beautiful facial enhancement through permanent makeup. It’s a great alternative if you can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to sensitivities or certain allergies, and it’s also ideal if you lead a busy outdoor life or just want the freedom to always look your best. No need to worry about your makeup running into fine lines or “sweating off”!

Will I really look like myself, only better?
Absolutely! The focus of my flattering designs are natural-looking enhancements that look elegant and feminine.  Your permanent makeup will be tailored to blend into your unique skin tone and hair color, while complimenting and enhancing your natural features so you look fresher, younger and more polished. 

Is it safe?
Your safety is my top priority!  I use only use sterile, pre-packaged, 100% disposable tools and pigments that are fragrance and irritant free. I strictly comply with all OSHA and state mandated safety regulations, requirements and up to date on all blood borne pathogens safety certifications, health department and state licenses.  ​

How much does it cost?
I have spent years honing and perfecting my artistic technique, training with world renowned artists, such as Tina Davies. The prices reflect my experience, skills, and artistic abilities.  Prices will vary depending on procedure and for specific cases, such as correction work, will need to be determined by consultation only. Specials and Packages are available- please contact me for special pricing inquiries.


Is it painful?
You may think getting permanent makeup done will be as painful as a traditional tattoo, but it definitely is not. I use high-quality safe topical anesthetics, most people feel nothing more than a very tolerable “scratching or tweezing” sensation the first few moments.  People with sensitive skin may experience more sensation, but again, the sensation is very tolerable and extra topical anesthetic can be applied for your comfort.

Do I need to book a consultation before an appointment?
No, it is not necessary but it is complimentary if you should choose.  During your consultation,  I will listen carefully to your goals and to recommend shapes and colors along with a mock-up of the proposed design, this way you can choose your best look and be reassured of the outcome.  Also if need be, I will be see you for a follow-up appointment in the following 6 weeks - 3 months so we may “fine-tune” your design and make any adjustments to the shape and color.  The end result will be a beautiful enhancement that you will feel most comfortable with and look your absolute best!

What will I look like after the procedure? 
Your permanent makeup will look darker and more defined for the first few days. There is minimal to no puffiness or redness for the eyebrows; approximately one- two days of puffiness for the eyes and lips.  Basically, your makeup appearance will be bolder. It is a good idea to “lay low” during this time and reduce social events.  After one week, the intensity will soften about 30% and be a more subtle, natural look.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?
If you feel comfortable, yes. The most noticeable day is the next day.  Eyebrow procedures produce virtually no swelling or bruising but there will  be puffiness of about 2 days following the eyeliner  procedure which normally subsides within a couple of days. Please note; your permanent makeup will look darker than usual during the first week and is completely normal. 

Do I have to avoid any activities after my procedure?
You will need to avoid heavy sweating (tennis, strenuous workouts, hot yoga, etc), swimming and suntanning for at least one week after any procedure. You may shower and wash your face as normal during this time, but take care to reduce water exposure and avoid scrubbing the permanent makeup area until it has fully healed. Your detailed aftercare instructions will be provided and gone over after the procedure.

Should I wear makeup the day of my procedure?
If you normally wear makeup, yes. This will give me a good idea of your personal makeup routine and style. If you do not wear makeup, please just come naturally and together we can create a look that you’re comfortable with.

How long does permanent makeup last?
Permanent makeup is long lasting, the pigment will always be in your skin, but it will fade slowly over time. The rule of thumb is the darker the color, the longer it lasts. To keep your makeup looking pristine, you should have it refreshed every couple of years. 

I already have permanent eyebrows I don’t like. Can you help?
Yes, in most cases. However, if your eyebrows are very saturated grey, black, or extremely uneven, I strictly recommend having them removed beforehand with a safe, natural removal service that I perform. This will give me a suitable base to work from. If your eyebrows are faded or light, I can usually work with them in an effort to “camouflage” the previous design. You will need to book a consultation beforehand to see how I can help you. Please note; in some cases- the existing permanent eyebrows can negate the effect of the Feathering Technique. However, as your permanent eyebrows fade with time, I can build up the effect for you. This can take around 1 or 2 extra appointments and in some cases annual touching up.

I’m pregnant/nursing- can I still get permanent makeup?
Unfortunately, no. You must wait until you pass this phase to ensure safety and the best results as your hormones and skin will be out of balance and quite sensitive during this time. 

Permanent Makeup Procedure & FAQ'S